Setting the Course

ATW is driven to reinvent the trailer industry, but it started much simpler than that. From humble beginnings in the Lone Star State, we’ve grown to become the nation’s largest collection of trailer and truck bed manufacturers.

Our famously unrivaled range and inventory is built with sharp attention to detail and sold from nationwide Big Tex Trailer World locations as well as a trusted network of the best independent local dealerships coast to coast.

But ask folks back home the story of our success and they’ll give you a real simple answer – we live and breathe trailers, right down to the last bolt.

There’s always been more at stake for us than just being biggest or best. We know our trailers are what keep America moving forward and that your success depends on them.

So no matter whether you’re on a busy work site, starting out or expanding fast, you can be sure we’re working harder for your success, from the factory floor up to head office.

ATW provides business management consulting with relation to strategy, financing, marketing, personnel and sale matters for
• manufacturers and distributors of trailers, and;
• providers of logistic and other services related to trailers, and;
• manufacturers and distributors of parts and components for trailers,
especially regarding dump trailers, cargo trailers, tilt trailers, utility trailers, car hauler trailers, equipment trailers, and deckover trailers.

ATW Branding Image, On top man moving animal into trailer, with logo, then a pair of work boots artistically designed over wood