Back to School in Caldwell

   April 28, 2022    Uncategorized

Big Tex Idaho attended mock interviews with local Middleton students to help them prepare for their future employment opportunities. Our team talked with the students about the hiring process, what to expect during interviews, to proof read their cover letters, resumes, and reference letters. The Big Tex team returned to Middleton High School to give a presentation to
students pertaining to our business unit in Caldwell.

Our audience consisted of 20 students, most of them looking for careers in welding and engineering. We answered questions not only about our business, but also about employment in general to better educate them on what to look forward to when finding a future career. We are now working to set up a job shadowing program that will help students deem whether or not they would like to pursue employment with our business unit here in Caldwell.

Overall this was a good experience and we look forward to returning in the future and expanding on our community outreach through our local schools.