Back to (Weld) School

   October 17, 2022    Uncategorized

ATW knows that to create best-in-class trailers, you have tostart with high-quality welds. Which is why we’ve developed the ATW Weld Academy.

In partnering with a Certified Weld Instructor with more than 30 years of experience, our team members had hands-on training that further enhanced their understanding of how to lay a quality bead, proper hand positioning, and how even the smallest changes in their equipment settings can have on the quality of their work.

For the majority of welders who learned in high school or on the job, this was the first professional training they’ve received. Those in attendance felt this was some of the best training they’ve ever received and know it will help them succeed in their career far beyond their time with ATW. We are already seeing more consistent and improved welds on the production line, which we know will lead to higher-quality trailers and more happy customers.

To date, nearly 30 welders from our Sumner, TX PJ Trailers facility have participated in the training and we plan to roll this out across all of ATW in the coming months.